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As indicated by new information from StatCounter, Yahoo has seen an about 2 point search market share gain in the US in the previous month. Ascribing it to the late Yahoo-Firefox default search deal, StatCounter reported that Yahoo had an offer of 10.4 percent versus 8.6 percent in the past year.

Google had a December offer of 75.2 percent and Bing an offer of 12.5 percent. As indicated by the latest information accessible from comScore, which pre-dates the Firefox deal, Google had a 67 percent offer, The best facebook ads agency reports that even Bing 19.6 percent and Yahoo 10.2 percent in the US.

The Yahoo-Firefox arrangement was declared in November. The browser has an approximately 16 percent offer of the US market as indicated by StatCounter. These search additions could be material to Yahoo as far as income — particularly in the event that they hold up after some time.

StatCounter described Yahoo’s post-Firefox position as its “top US search offer subsequent to 2009.” The company said by an evaluation that Google was its least share “yet recorded by StatCounter.”

A month ago StatCounter demonstrated Facebook with a noteworthy search knock among Firefox 34 users:

Yahoo’s mobile offer is 10.9 percent as per StatCounter; Bing’s is 5.6 percent and Google’s is about 84 percent.…